Blessed Advent to all! The readings for the 4th Sunday in Advent are Luke 1:26-38; Romans 16:25-27; 2 Samuel 7:1-11; Psalm 89:1-5.

As children we have no problem receiving gifts from others. We welcome them with eagerness and joy – especially when they’re unexpected! As adults things get a bit more complicated. Because we are so used to taking care of ourselves and being more or less in control of our own wants and needs, getting an unexpected gift can sometimes be an uncomfortable experience. We are humbled – especially when it’s the type of gift we could never repay.

This Sunday brings us the stories of two people who received very unexpected gifts from God. King David wants to build a house for God, but instead is told that God will build a house (dynasty) for him (2 Sam 7). Mary receives a visit from the angel Gabriel who tells her she is to be the mother of great king who will reign over God’s people forever (Luke 1). Like David and Mary, God has blessed us in Christ with a gift we can never repay. Like Mary, the best way to respond to such a gift is with a humble and grateful faith: “Let it be to me, according to your word.”

Have you ever found it hard to receive a gift from someone? Remember, no matter what our age we are all children in the eyes of our Heavenly Father.