Dear friends in Christ, here are the readings for the first Sunday after Christmas: Luke 2:22-40; Galatians 4:4-7; Isaiah 61:10-62:3; Psalm 111.

Parents tend to think of our children as, well, “ours”. We bring them into the world. We love them and care for them. We protect them. How strange it must have been for Mary and Joseph to see their newborn son – just 8 days old! – scooped up by a stranger who proceeded to speak prophecies over Jesus that ranged from exuberant joy to somber warning. It’s no wonder that Mary and Joseph marveled (Luke 2)!

Jesus may have “belonged” to his parents in one sense. But, in truth, he was born to us all. He was born for Simeon, and Anna. For Jews and Gentiles. For me, for you. He is our Childchild.

And we are his. Redeemed, adopted, welcomed no longer as slaves but as sons and daughters because of the Christchild (Gal 4). Clothed in righteousness, given a new name, because of the Christchild (Is 61). This birth announcement goes out to all the world: “Unto US a child is born!”