Hi everyone,

Among the many Beaver Crossing families whose homes sustained damage last Sunday is the Backhus family. Karen is our preschool teacher and Rick is one of the coordinators of the clean-up effort. They have 3 young children. Their home faired better than most in the storm but still has a hole in the roof as well as two large patches of missing shingles. With Rick’s recent medical issues combined with long hours away from home since the storm, they could really use our help in getting their roof fixed.

For those who can help, Marvin Linhorst is organizing an effort TOMORROW (Sunday) afternoon to do some tearing off and repapering. All the needed materials are already on-site. No special skills required. We just need some able bodies and helping hands! If you are able to help, please contact Marvin at 402-643-1470 or email him at marvinlinhorst@stewireless.com. You can also join us tomorrow right after 9:00AM worship in the church office to find out more.

In His gracious care,