Hello friends,

As we start youth group back up for the new year, we’re going to be starting a new five week series that will carry us right into Lent, as crazy as that sounds. (Ash Wednesday fallsĀ beforeĀ Valentine’s Day this year!)
The 10 Commandments; Most of us are at least vaguely familiar with them, but most of us also aren’t quite sure where to place them in our daily lives- what are they? what aren’t they? What do they mean for us today? Those are the answers we’ll be trying to answer as we dig a little deeper into the 10 commandments.
For our guide, we will be using videos by a gentlemen named Dennis Prager, who is a respected conservative voice, but also a faithful adherent of the Jewish faith. So this series will be a great opportunity to hear another perspective on something that has become so commonplace to us, and to discern in what ways we might both agree and disagree.
We will be starting the first week with these two videos:
[youtube id=”7TRQfei7JoI”]
[youtube id=”HA1Xgm2rit0″]
Thank you all!